This week on the podcast Jenny talks to Aspiecomic - Michael McCreary who gives us an Autistic's Guide To Being Funny!

Michael McCreary is a successful Canadian comedian, author and runs a fantastic Facebook page - Aspiecomic. In this podcast, Michael tells us all about his life and how he learned to be funny, as well as giving you tips on how you can be funny too!

Michael is a great example of an Autistic person following his dreams and passions and turning them into a reality!

This week is Dyspraxia Awareness week and in this podcast, you will find out everything you NEED to know about Dyspraxia!

Dyspraxia is a misunderstood and overlooked condition. Despite 1 in 6 people having it, a lot of people don't know much about it. That's why Joel & Lorraine are talking to Jenny about everything you need to know about Dyspraxia!

This is a fantastic episode full of knowledge and tips. It will help you understand Dyspraxic people and what we really go through!

Don't forget to check out our Dyspraxia Awareness Pack being released on 15/11/19 for more info!

Confused about Dyslexia?

Dyslexia can be an often confusing and misunderstood condition with lots of conflicting information and harmful stereotypes surrounding it. Joel is here to help with the top secrets you HAVE to know about Dyslexia.

The clouds will disappear and Dyslexia will be clear as day after listening to this podcast!

We all know how helpful service dogs can be to people with disabilities, but due to lax laws and murky guidelines, people are getting away with using FAKE SERVICE DOGS!


Find out all about this epidemic and how to avoid all the scams looking to get the money out of your pocket in this week's podcast!



This week on the podcast, Lorraine talks about Autism Passports. Autism Passports are the life-changing you probably haven't heard of.

This is an essential document for any Autistic Person or anyone with SPD, it will allow your life to become so much easier and remove a lot of the stress you'll find in daily life!

Listen to this podcast to find out all about these life-changing documents and how you can benefit from them!

As well as this we talk about Joel's podcast on Autism knowledge and the rise of Autism activists. Stress-Busting Apps & The Disney Princess who helped a meltdown!

This week Jenny and Joel discuss how the lack of autism knowledge is harming the autism community.

Autism knowledge is an extension of the struggle to get autism awareness. Bitesize knowledge that is easy for people who are not connected to autism to understand is the key!

It also looks at how we can bridge the gap between adapting to live in a neurotypical world and focusing on how to help neurotypicals understand the Autism Community and it's intricacies! 

A must-listen for anyone in the Autism community!

This week Lorraine and Jenny talk about how to help autistic people being let down by mental health services.

This is a serious issue within our community where a lot of autistic people are being let down by mental health services and not getting the help they need. This is leading to a mental health crisis (as Tom said in last weeks episode).

Lorraine and Jenny talk about how to deal with this crisis and the whole stigma surrounding mental health!

Is there a mental health crisis in the autism community?

Tom Henely thinks there is. He tells us all about what he thinks is causing it and how we can fix it!


Find Out More In This Week's Podcast!

This week on the podcast, Jenny and Lorraine are discussing how to respond to ignorant comments about Autism. We know that it can be really hard not to get your back up when you hear comments like "Well you don't look autistic" or "You MUST be high functioning". 

We decided to have a conversation around this topic to see just what the best way to respond would be. Usually, people say this kind of stuff with the best of intentions so it is really important to take a step back before responding. 

This week Katy talks to us about being on the spectrum and off to university. If you haven't heard, our very own Katy has decided to go to university.

Jenny talks to her all about her worries and fears in terms of accommodation, scheduling and workload. 

Find out all about Katy's hopes and worries when moving into accommodation, joining clubs, and having to settle into different routines while being on the spectrum and off to university.

We wish Katy all the best on her university journey. But she won't be gone from Chewigem completely. so don't worry too much!


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