Would you like to know:

How to react when someone tics?

What a tic feels like?

How to help your children with Tourette's?

What a person with Tourette's wishes you knew?

How Chewigems can help with Tourette's?

Then check out this podcast where Loz chats to Ella a 15-year-old with Tourette's and her amazing mum Wendy.

Would You Like To Know?

👉 Why Queer doesn't have to be a bad word
👉 Why exposing your kids to the LGBT community will not make them gay or trans
👉 Why some people may not like the pronouns it/its


Jamie covers it and more in this Sensory Matters Podcast!

Loz chats with Riko to find out what it actually means to be A Gender, A Sexual & A Romantic. We find out how we can support people who are and what it feels like to live in a binary world. 

Riko gives some great tips on what to do if you are questioning your sexuality and tips for using neo/non binary pronouns.


Loz chats to Em an inspiring young person who has been diagnosed with 2 different types of EDS.

Find out more about this invisible disability, how it is diagnosed, what can be done and how you can help someone with EDS.

"No other disease in the history of modern medicine has been neglected in such a way as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome" - Professor Rodney Grahame

Loz & Jamie chat about their personal experiences with Special Interests. How important special interests can be, how they help us navigate the world and how to support someone when their special interest finishes.

Loz catches up with Emily from 21 & Sensory and finds out her Christmas Tips.

Jamie and Loz chat about Neurodivergent Head Cannons.

What has Richie been up to during lockdown and what does the future look like for him?

The Sensory Matters Podcast is back with a bang. This week Loz is chatting to Purple Ella about their late ADHD Diagnosis and all the exciting things they have been doing including the "Purple People" group. 

Exciting news from Chewigem HQ.  Listen to Big Boss Jenny and our amazing COmmunity Manager Lorraine telling you all about our exciting news.

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