Travel is stressful for most people, but for Autistic people, it can be even more anxiety-inducing. All the changes in routine, lights, smells and cultures can really have a profound effect on Autistic People.

Luckily Koloko and Stella have a solution!

Find out how they are revolutionising the travel industry to be more accepting of Autism and SPD and how it can change your life today!

Welcome back to Sensory Matters!

The last couple of episodes have covered Autism Awareness and Autism Acceptance. This week we discuss moving passed Autism Acceptance... what comes next?

Joel has a theory that he calls "Autism Knowledge" where he discusses that the next step after Acceptance is Autism Knowledge. This is a radical theory about the complete integration of Autistic people into society.

Listen to find out how we can achieve that!

What's the difference between Autism Awareness and Autism Acceptance? Why is it important?

This is what the Chew Crew discuss during the podcast this week, we discuss the intricacies around the two. Looking at the timelines of both, where they are placed within the community and whether you can have one without the other! We also end up talking about trucks - which is something you don't want to miss trust me!

People talk a lot about Autism Awareness, but its definition can often be murky and unclear. That's why in this week's podcast Lorraine and Joel try to answer the question What's the deal with Autism Awareness?

We look at the timeline of where it started, where it is now and where we see it going in the future!

We also talk about the best way to get your Autistic child ready for any transitions such as Christmas or packaging changes.

So join us as we explore Autism Awareness

With all the focus on the Coronavirus, we bring you a special podcast. Anxiety is high and it’s often hard to follow and understand everything we are being told. We are all in this together and it’s amazing to see society pulling together.

Lorraine and Jenny discuss anxiety, mental health and self-isolation and offer some tips to get you through. For more help and support you can join our sensory support group on Facebook.

Sleep is a struggle for many Autistic and SPD people, whether it is getting to sleep or staying asleep. We all know that a good nights sleep is really important to have a productive day and Lorraine and Joel both have experience struggling with sleep.

So they have come together to discuss what helps them sleep and give you a guide to sleep so that you can find a way to help your sleep!!

Self-harm is a serious issue that can seriously affect people's mental health. Unfortunately in the past few years, it has become more and more common, and it keeps becoming more common.

Luckily some of the Chewigem team have first-hand experience with self-harm and are here to teach you how to spot and help someone who is self-harming.

Find out how to spot and help someone with is self-harming now

One of the biggest fears for parents who have children with intellectual disabilities is how to get them into employment.

This is an issue that Anthony At Your Service has been able to solve! They employee people with disabilities to make deliveries around their hometown. It is completely customisable to the employee and they can choose what they take and what they don't!

They also discuss what employers need to learn about getting people with intellectual disabilities into employment...

Are you ready to find out the secret too - Listen Now

Being in a relationship when you struggle with your mental health can be challenging. Your partner might not understand why you do certain things or how to help you, that's why it's important to communicate and tell them about your struggles.

This week on the podcast we give you the essential guide to mental health & relationships so we can help you ease the stress.

Find out how to manoeuvre relationships with the essential guide to mental health & relationships now

This week on the podcast we talk about whether mental health services are severely letting adults down? 

We know that good adult mental health is extremely important, but it can be hard to keep your mental health on track if the support isn't there. 

Find out how we feel the government's mental health services are severely letting adults down and what we can do about it!

Listen to this podcast to find out where you can get help for your mental health and lots of fantastic tips and tricks to help you keep your mental health at a good level for you.


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