This week on the Sensory Matters Show, Jenny chats to Esi from Celebrating Disability. Esi started out as an actor, she then went onto being a director and now works as a consultant. It's is a consultant firm for companies to help them understand disabilities. In this episode, she explains why inclusivity is so important. We also find out the 5 most patronising things people say about disabilities!

Find out more about Esi here:

Celebrating Disability Facebook
Celebrating Disability Website

For more tips about inclusivity read this article:

11 Tips For Teaching People on The Spectrum


This week on the Sensory Matters Podcast Jenny is chatting to Jocelyn the Autistic Body Builder. Diagnosed later in life, Jocelyn started to question if she herself was autistic while she was working with special needs children.

She tells us all about her early years moving from South Africa to the UK. Jocelyn also tells us about her tools for dealing with life in general. She gives us some great tips from her job as a TA in a Year 5 class and tells us how without her job she wouldn't be the person she is today.
We find out how she became a bodybuilder and why she loves competing. 
This is a really inspiring and motivating podcast perfect for January!


Listen to the podcast here:

Watch Here!


This week Jenny talks to Margaux from Navigating Autism.

Margaux is an autism activist and artist. She loves cats and spending time with her mum. Margaux gives us her tips for travelling and sound sensitivity.

We find out why she doesn't like Autism Speaks. And she talks about her YouTube video on Jenny McCarthy! She is essentially a 30-year-old version of Jamie!!

Find Margaux Here:

Navigating Autism Website
Original Retrophiliac Youtube


This week Lorraine and Jamie are taking over the Sensory Matters Show with a Christmas Special. What is know as "the most wonderful time of the year" certainly isn't for Jamie (incidentally Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year for her). They chat about how Christmas has been for them over the years. They also share some hints and tips of things that have worked well for them too. 



This week Jenny is chatting to Alice Tennant who tells us all about sensory design. Alice is mum to 4 children 2 of whom are on the spectrum. When her son was excluded from school and she ended up home educating him. She had to leave her job and decided to go back to university to study fine art.

Alice is very interested in sensory integration. She hopes to help use her design skills to help with sensory issues in public places like supermarkets.

To find more products to make a space more sensory inclusive follow this link:

Sensory Room Products


This week on the show Jenny is talking to Lindsey Biel who is the author of Raising a Sensory Smart Child. Listen to this podcast to find out lots of tips and tricks about creating a sensory diet. As well lots of interesting facts about Sensory Processing Disorder.

You really want to listen to this week's podcast, it really is helpful!

For more sensory tips go here:

Chewing – How Do I Stop My Child Doing It?

To find out more about Lindsey go here:

Sensory Smarts


This week on the show we are chatting to Christa from Neurodivergent Rebel. Christa was diagnosed autistic aged 29 and tells her story and why she started Neurodivergent Rebel. Find out all about her RV, her partner, 4 dogs and used to be an ariel acrobat!

Find out more about Christa here:

NDR Facebook


This week on the podcast we are chatting to Chris Bonnello from Autistic Not Weird.

Chris was diagnosed with Aspergers as an adult. He is a former primary school teacher and now works as an author and speaker for Autistic Not Weird.

Chris was told he had a slightly odd personality as a child. He was diagnosed at age 25 and now delivers talks all around the world, he has even spoken at the Royal Sydney Opera House.

To find out more about Chris, go here:

Autistic Not Weird



Lorraine chats about addiction theory this week on the podcast. Lorraine talks about how self-harm is linked to addiction and OCD. She is finding help with some of these things through CBT.

Find out all about Lorraine's past with addictions and self-harm and how is she overcoming these difficulties.

If you're worried about any of the issues raised in this episode, please click the following links for support:


To find out more about Lorraine's Journey, listen to these podcasts:

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Sophia chats to Jenny this week on the Sensory Matters Podcast about Autism, Tourettes and OCD.

She tells us about her journey with Tourettes which started later in childhood. Sophia shares her useful coping strategies. Sophia is studying her Masters and in addition to all the above is telling us about her research.

She describes her research explaining how it includes a study on hypersensitivity to difference within the Autistic people!



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