This week on the podcast, The Chew Crew discuss what symbol represents autism awareness best. As many people know the puzzle piece has some negative connotations surrounding it. Over the years, many other symbols have popped up, but does this damage our cause and public recognition of it?

In your opinion, what symbol represents Autism Awareness best? 


As well as this, The Chew Crew talk about last week's podcast on Independent Living and the Special Housing Facility Revolution.

To listen to last weeks podcast please go here:

This week on the Podcast, Jenny is talking to Denise who runs First Place, a special facility housing complex to help autistic people have independent successful lives.

Denise tells us all about how she was told that her son should be institutionalised in a special facility housing institution. but when she went to look at the places she didn’t feel they were right for her son.

Soon after this, she started developing First Place, a special facility housing complex. It allows them to live independent and successful lives. It considers itself a new type of special housing. Alongside the housing complex, First Place runs a Life Skills Academy that teaches its students how to lead independent lives over 2 years.

The Global Leadership Institute is an offshoot of First Place that looks at attaining housing to expand to other communities. It has volunteers who are students at First Place and help out. They have a Symposium in April and if you would like to know more please email

To find out more about First Place go to

This week on the podcast, The Chew Crew are chatting about whether the DVLA was discriminatory towards autistic people or if they had a point. Find out who on the panel has declared their Autism to the DVLA and why they did it!

They also talk about the idea that some periods of the schooling journey are harder for autistics than others. Katy and Lorraine have different experiences with this and its a very interesting discussion! 

The Chew Crew them talk about the great podcast last week featuring Saffron. They talk about their hot takes on the topics discussed, as well as their view on disability allowance in the UK vs Canada.


This week on the Sensory Matters Show, Jenny is talking to Saffron about her key tips for successful diagnosis.

During the show, we find out about Saffron's life and how she knew she had Aspergers. Even though the doctor's told her she didn't. We find out how some valuable advice helped her develop an essential skill when getting diagnosed. 

If you are on the road to diagnosis or know someone who is this weeks podcast is full of key tips for a successful diagnosis!

This week on The Sensory Matters Show, the chew crew discuss everyone is a little bit autistic or do they all suffer from SPD. Is SPD more common than we think?

Jenny, Lorraine & Katy also talk about the latest news in the Sensory World.

Also, you get to find out the view our panel had about Autism before they were part of the community! There are a few misconceptions in there!

As well as all of this, they discuss whether technology is a positive tool for our kids, or is it leaving them without vital life skills that are needed later in life!

This week on Sensory Matters, Jenny talks to Rachael Gartland whos an Occupational Therapist full of interesting sensory tips & tricks. Rachael tells us how she always had a passion for helping children who were struggling, even as a child herself.

Rachael has a unique approach to her practice. She looks at what skills the child lacks rather than the condition as a whole. This allows her to really focus on making the child's life easier.

Find out lots of really good sensory tips & tricks to help your child with putting on socks, dealing with noisy surrounding and more!

To find out more about Rachael go here:

Blossoms Children’s Occupational Therapy

This week on The Sensory Matters, The Chew Crew talk about how to get through a work day when it is also a bad sensory day. Jenny, Lorraine and Katy also talk about the latest news and controversies in the sensory world. 

If you struggle to get through work when it's a bad sensory day, this has lots of tips and tricks!


This week on Sensory Matters, Jenny is chatting to Tracey from Aspiecat who tells about all about being a proud aspie. Tacey was diagnosed with autism later in life when a social worker suggested that she might be. Before then it hadn't even crossed her mind!

Find out how it took her a long time to figure out what parts of her personality were the autism. However, once she figured this out she started to thrive and become a proud aspie activist.

Her message is a positive one all about working hard to understand yourself and being proud of that!

Find Out More About Aspie Cat Here:

Aspie Doodles Facebook
Aspie Doodles Website

This week on the Sensory Matters Podcast Jenny is chatting to Christian Hooker from Hale Autism who talks about early intervention. Christian was diagnosed with autism early on which enabled him to access mainstream school.

This helped him have no major issues in his early years. It just shows how important early intervention is. We find out all about Lego therapy and learning through play and possibly one of the cutest stories we have ever heard about a little boy and The Beatles.

Find out more about Christian here:

Hale Autism Facebook

This week on the Sensory Matters podcast Jenny is chatting to Jodi from Geekclub Books. Find out how her son Jonathan became a public speaker. And how by being in the right environment, he could blossom.

We also find out how Geekclub books give Autistic authors a platform to create and highlight their work to the general public. 

Find out more about Jodi here:

GeekClub Books Facebook
GeekClub Books Website

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