Loz & Jamie chat about their personal experiences with Special Interests. How important special interests can be, how they help us navigate the world and how to support someone when their special interest finishes.

Loz catches up with Emily from 21 & Sensory and finds out her Christmas Tips.

Jamie and Loz chat about Neurodivergent Head Cannons.

What has Richie been up to during lockdown and what does the future look like for him?

The Sensory Matters Podcast is back with a bang. This week Loz is chatting to Purple Ella about their late ADHD Diagnosis and all the exciting things they have been doing including the "Purple People" group. 

Exciting news from Chewigem HQ.  Listen to Big Boss Jenny and our amazing COmmunity Manager Lorraine telling you all about our exciting news.

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Some things are just more challenging for people with additional needs; one of those things is finances. Whether it's budgeting, understanding money or even just comprehending some of the jargon that the banks use, if you're like me then you find it difficult.

This week on the Sensory Matters podcast, we talked to the creators of Neurosapp about how they want to change the system and make finances accessible to everyone -


Find out how you can join in and be part of the revolution in this weeks podcast!

In this One-Off Sensory Matters Episode, we talk to Larrnell and Onikage from the podcast Autistic Delicatessen. Autistic Delicatessen is a podcast run by two autistic people, but unlike most, this podcast is not about Autism, it's about food!


Find out all about what inspired Larrnell and Onikage to create this podcast and all of the fun experiences they've had doing it... Including a musician who makes Gumbo on stage at his concerts!

In this special episode of the podcast, we talk to Lydia who is an autistic freelance journalist about her career and what it's like being Autistic and working in the media and journalism field.

Lydia and the Chew Crew (Joel, Lorraine and Jenny) also discuss why it's important to have Autistic voices in the media and how we can encourage them to enter the field!

Don't miss out on this fantastic episode!

Travel is stressful for most people, but for Autistic people, it can be even more anxiety-inducing. All the changes in routine, lights, smells and cultures can really have a profound effect on Autistic People.

Luckily Koloko and Stella have a solution!

Find out how they are revolutionising the travel industry to be more accepting of Autism and SPD and how it can change your life today!

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