This week on the Sensory Matters Podcast Jenny is chatting to Alex Manners.
We met Alex at the Autism Show in June where he was wearing a bright orange suit which matched Chewigem perfectly. Alex is an incredible young man who actually got the nickname Rainbow Man because of the bright and colourful suits he wears. This inspired him to write stories about Rainbow Man for his children's radio station. Alex collects football shirts and is working to make football grounds more accessible for Autistic people.
I really hope they do make this into a documentary as I think that would be incredible!

This week Jenny is chatting to our very own Lorraine on the Sensory Matters Podcast.


Lorraine has experienced lots of things over the years so it seemed obvious to chat to her about the time she Home Educated Jamie.


Jamie is now in full time education but this has not been the case for most of her life. Lorraine chats about how she made the decision to home educate, how she went about it and some top tips for if you are going to be home educating!


This week we are celebrating our 25th Episode of the Sensory Matters Podcast!


This week is a little bit special as we are giving everyone access to the full XL version of the best bits and tips from the previous 24 episodes.


We'd love to know your favorites and also if you have any suggestions for who we should get on the show?


We hope you've enjoyed the last 25 Episodes as we have some amazing guests coming up in the next 25.


This week on Sensory Matters Jenny chats to Paul Wady. We met Paul at the Autism Show back in June and some of you may have seen him recently at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Paul was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 41. Before is diagnosis he had a skill set that he never ever used. Since diagnosis, he has started to use his creative side which has led him to write the Guerrilla Aspie Handbook which he has also taken to the stage and start a Theatre Company called Stealth Aspie Theatre Company


This is an interesting podcast where we find out how Buddism and his wife have helped him to manage his own mental health.


In the Punk Rock of Neurodiversity he would like to be Bowie but is he more Johnny Rotten?


This week on Sensory Matters Jenny chats to our very own Jamie.


"she's perfect don't forget that" 🤩 (listen and you'll get it)


Jamie tells us a little about her journey and how she feels about being diagnosed as autistic. She doesn't care if she's autistic or not as she is just her.


Chatting about some autism myths she tells us something that she hears people say that gets her really angry and how she'd rather have Autism than be dead!


She talks about her ups and downs and the strategies that work for her when she feels she is going to have a meltdown.


Her mum is her biggest supporter and they have a really fantastic open relationship and Jamie can tell her mum anything.


What does Jamie have planned for the future? A partner who likes pets and a million cats of course!


This week on The Sensory Matters Show Jenny is chatting to Angel one of our VIC's. Angel spotted a post in our sensory support group where a child had been told that Chewigem's were for babies. She felt so strongly about this that she went live in the support group to reach out and show this child that Chewigem's are for everyone. It was such a moving and heart warming video that really touched us all and we felt she would be great to have on the show.


In this episode we find out a lot about Angel and how she came to find Chewigem. Diagnosed with PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression and Agoraphobia she gives us some great tips on how she deals with this.


This is such a relatable story and the reason why our community is so special because so many of us are on the same journey.


Thank you Angel for sharing your story with us.


This week on The Sensory Matters Podcast Jenny chats to Lana Grant.


Lana is an Autistic mum to 6 kids, 3 with autism. She also runs her own Autism Consultancy.


Lana knew she was different from a young age and felt she was always 3 steps behind everyone else socially. It wasn't until her son was diagnosed with Aspergers that she was also asked if she was on the spectrum.


Specialising in female autism Lana gives some great tips especially about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. She has written a book called "From Here to Maternity" which is a book about pregnancy and motherhood on the autism spectrum.


Lana also set up a Facebook Group named Mums on the Spectrum which has almost 3000 members. This group was set up for autistic women (either with a formal diagnosis or without a diagnosis but self-identifying) who are also mothers of children on the autistic spectrum or neurotypical children). This group is a great support for autistic mothers facing similar issues.


This week on Sensory Matters Jenny chats to Claire Larkins.


Claire's son Tom is autistic and also completes in the National Gymnastics Team ... this all came from him hanging from a door frame and a doctors suggestion



Claire is an autism mum just like most of us and you'll really relate to her story. Like everyone they have good and bad days. Tom has always wanted sensory input and his sensory issues were very bad at school. As with lots of us he has issues with food and that's where his SPD was picked up at age 6. Claire has some amazing tips in food issues!


Being autistic really helps Tomas with his gymnastics because of the repetition. Tom dreams to be an olympic gymnast or coach one day and i'm sure he will!


This week on Sensory Matters Jenny chats to Karen Dammer who is an Independent Education Consultant. Karen teaches cooperative learning across the UK, this is a way of engaging lots of kids and getting the best out of them. We find out how she makes sure every child is engaged and how they are all different.

You'll get some tips as parents about how you can have a conversation with your teachers and tips on how to approach teachers and get the best out of them. This really is an amazing podcast. Karen tells us the most important people in education are the kids. Every child has a different learning need even if they don't have a diagnosis.

One size doesn't fit all. You don't want to miss this one!


This week Bee is taking a break as she's off for a week of Respite! However we've got her podcast for you this week!

Very strange as when this was filmed when Bee was non verbal. She has worked so hard and currently has her speech back which is amazing 😍😍😍

Her mum was her voice for this so bare with some of the silences ... but you can learn a lot from this young lady about being positive x


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