Sophia chats to Jenny this week on the Sensory Matters Podcast about Autism, Tourettes and OCD.

She tells us about her journey with Tourettes which started later in childhood. Sophia shares her useful coping strategies. Sophia is studying her Masters and in addition to all the above is telling us about her research.

She describes her research explaining how it includes a study on hypersensitivity to difference within the Autistic people!



In this podcast, we are chatting to Hannah who started #doilookautisticyet. Hannah has a story similar to many. Firstly, She was fobbed off as a child and unable to get an autism diagnosis.

We get to hear the reasons she was told she couldn't be autistic. These include "because she is a girl" and "because she booked her own doctors appointment!"

I think this podcast will resonate with lots of you. She is now diagnosed and as a result, has started to get involved in the online community. Most interestingly, find out how her campaign #doilookautisticyet started and went viral!

Find Out More About Hannah Here:

#dilay Facebook

#dilay Instagram


This week on The Sensory Matters Show Jenny is chatting to award-winning activist, Joley Colmer.

Joley is also an ambassador and author of the book My Fairy Jam Jar. She was diagnosed with autism age 2 but didn't find out she was autistic until she was 13. People regularly told Joely she can't be autistic and therefore went on to become an autism activist.

Thank you so much for doing this podcast Joely as it obviously became exhausting. But because autism is a special interest you were happy to give us your time. This shows exactly how exhausting masking can be!

Find Out More About Joely Here:

Aspergers World

Joely's Twitter


This week on the podcast, Jenny is chatting to Vicki May about FIGS (Fighting Inequality For Girls on the Spectrum Campaign Group). Vicki is Rory’s mum (I’m sure you all know Rory from our page) and is part of FIGS, their aim to achieve recognition and rally support and awareness of female Autism. Listen to find out how they might be able to help you, or how you can get involved in the movement too.


This is a must listen for anyone who is (or has) a female on the spectrum!


Find FIGS on The Links Below:


This week on the Sensory Matters Podcast Jenny is chatting to Emily, who is diagnosed with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and has a blog "21 and Sensory".

You can find her over on Twitter and she is also a Chewigem Affiliate. She set her blog up to help other adults with Sensory Processing Disorder in the UK. She wanted to help them find information and other adults with the disorder. We find out about her diagnosis and how she feels she is probably autistic but not yet diagnosed.

Emily works a full-time job as a graphic designer. We find out some of the things that would help her if her employers knew that she had SPD.


Find Emily On Her Website And Instagram:

21 And Sensory Website

21 And Sensory Instagram


This week on the Sensory Matters Podcast Jenny is chatting to Laura James about her adult diagnosis. If you don't know who Laura James is then you've got to listen to this podcast! If you do know who Laura James is then you want to listen to this podcast!

Laura is an Author, columnist & journalist diagnosed with EDS, POTS & Autism. We find out how she got her adult diagnosis, her special interests and how lucky she is to sleep in her own room!

If you haven't read her book Odd Girl Out, then we would highly recommend it!


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Special Kids.Company is an amazing business that offers affordable, age-appropriate, adaptable clothing.

Sasha started the business after working out in the Middle East. When she lived there she lived next to a compound for kids with special needs. What shocked Sasha above all is how these children were integrated. All of this was too much for Sasha so she left her job. She took a year off to decide what to do and eventually opened Special Kids.Company.

Special Kids.Company works on what children need and parents want, they regularly take suggestions and tips from parents. Sasha is adding more sensory items. Eventually, it will be a one-stop shop where parents and carers can buy everything they need.


Find Special Kids.Company On Thier Website And Facebook

Special Kids.Company Website
Special Kids.Company Facebook


This week on the Sensory Matters Podcast Jenny is chatting to Dani from Send App, which makes social stories.

Dani has a son who is autistic and found that she has been really well supported during diagnosis and afterward.

One of the things Dani used with her son was social stories. These worked really well but having 2 files (one for school and one for home) carrying this big heavy files weren’t practical. There had to be an easier way!

Having searched the internet for apps anything she did find was very expensive and so she decided to design an app herself and pitched it to the team she works with. They thought it was fantastic and let her run with it.

Listen to the podcast to find out more about the about the app and how you can personalize your own social stories and have them available at the touch of a button.


Find Out More About The SEND App Here:

SEND Facebook

SEND Website

This week on the Sensory Matters Podcast, Jenny is chatting to Alex Manners about his radio station.


We met Alex at the Autism Show in June where he was wearing a bright orange suit which matched Chewigem perfectly. Alex is an incredible young man who actually got the nickname Rainbow Man because of the bright and colourful suits he wears.
This inspired him to write stories about Rainbow Man for his children’s radio station. Alex collects football shirts and is working to make football grounds more accessible for Autistic people.
I really hope they do make this into a documentary as I think that would be incredible!
Find More Articles About Issues With Accessible Places Here:
Find Out More About Alex And His Show Here:

This week Jenny is chatting to our very own Lorraine about home education.

Lorraine has experienced lots of things over the years so it seemed obvious to chat to her about the time she home educated Jamie.

Jamie is now in full-time education but this has not been the case for most of her life. Lorraine chats about how she made the decision to home educate, how she went about it and some top tips for if you are going to be home educating!


For More About Home Education, Why Not Checkout This Article:

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