This week on the Podcast, Lorraine talks about what it's like living in a multigenerational autistic family.

Lorraine got her autism diagnosis recently. She talks to us about how her life has changed since then and how she knew. Having a child with Autism and working for Chewigem, she tells us how it helped her realise she was Autistic. 

At the same time Lorraine got her autism diagnosis, her son Joe also got his. Which means that only her husband Dean is Neurotypical. Lorraine talks about how it is for him living in a multigenerational autistic family. Giving tips on how he deals with its intricacies. 

This week on the podcast, The Chew Crew go in-depth into everything you need to know about chewing & oral stims.

Whether you're curious about what chew is right for you, how to get teachers on board, or how to make sure your child chews the right thing... This podcast is the podcast you need! 

They also talk about the best way to deal with the summer heat that is still plaguing the UK and how to cope with sunscreen when you have sensory issues!

If you would like to know more about chewing in schools and some great strategies around that why not check out this podcast:

Don't forget if you need any more support or have any more questions. Why not join our Sensory Support Group:

This week Jenny and Lorraine talk about how to deal with the change in the school routine. The end of term can be hard for any child but for people on the spectrum, it's even harder once timetable changes come in. The changes can cause extreme anxiety. Lorraine knows this more than most and gives some great tips to help!

Lorraine and Jenny also talk about The Kiss Quotient and the Autism themes that run throughout the book. They also talk about whether listening to songs over and over is an Autism trait.

This week on the podcast, we ask is autism awareness actually harming the community?

This came up after an argument Joel made, which said that what we actually need is Autism Knowledge rather than awareness.

We also talk about Joseph Redford’s podcast, Lorraine’s big news story and of course, the heat!

This week on the Podcast we ask Joseph Redford "are Autistic Organisations accessible to all autistics?". This leads to a conversation about how to make Autistic organisations accessible to everyone instead of just part of the spectrum.

Joseph was diagnosed at 11, before that the doctors thought that he was deaf. But after his diagnosis, he learned to be able to thrive, rather than just survive thanks to the Autism community.

Hear all about how Joseph is trying to make an Autistic state and is working on the neurodivergent worker's manifesto. As well as all the other roles he has in the Autism community.

This week on the podcast The Chew Crew ask the question "is the autism community too focused on language?" This comes after a discussion during the SWAN Podcast last week saying how it's ok to admit that you didn't know any better at one point in time. As long as you learn from it.

This leads to the discussion of whether it's time to stop worrying so much about the language used around the Autistic Community and focus more on teaching the general public about the nuances of the specific surrounding Autism.

As well as this the crew talk about the autism show and what their favourite parts were. 

This week Jenny talks to Catriona from Swan and asks the question, are girls being set up to become self-fulfilling prophecies.
SWAN stands for Scottish Women's Autism Network, and as the name suggests, they are a network for Autistic Women based in Scotland but have connections all over the UK and beyond.
Catriona talks about how her life was affected by her autism in terms of feeling like her self-esteem was affected when she didn't fit in. One of the areas discussed is the importance placed on making friends in childhood. Catriona says that these efforts could be better placed in honing into autistic people's interests.
SWAN has created meetups and online forums for adults and young people on the spectrum that are aimed at support and community. These are run by people on the spectrum themselves.
To find out more about SWAN go here:

With cuts to funds. We ask is special education heading towards a cliff edge without a parachute?

SEND protests have been happening all over the country over the last few weeks and the chew crew discuss this news story as well as asking is mainstream education really the best option for children?

This comes after The Sun published an article about a child being "too autistic for mainstream and not autistic enough for a special school." This is a position Lorraine has found herself in before and gives some great insight too.

This week on the podcast we are talking Autism Pride and what it means to be a proud autistic person. It's an event held across the country during June. This week we talk to Joseph, Kabie and Rachel. They talk about how to be an Autistic Advocate and all about the events.

These events are all about inclusion by Autistic people for Autistic people, you are free to do what you like (whether that is to participate or sit further away) and include yourself as much as you want.

To find out more about Autistic Pride please follow the link below:

Autistic Pride Alliance

This week, the chew crew talk about the 18 weeks parental leave you didn't know you had!

Also on the podcast, we discuss the interesting points that came up during last weeks podcast with Sheep Dog Says. Especially how it felt good to hear a dad's perspective on Autism.

Find last week's podcast here:

Our sensory Matter this week surrounds service dogs and whether there is enough being done to regulate service dogs. They also discuss the advantages of having a service dog for people with disabilities.

Lastly, we answer our listener question about managing to do things you enjoy without getting overloaded, where Lorraine and Katy have some great tips!

Listen to the podcast to find out all about the 18 weeks of extra parental leave you could be missing out on if you have a child under 18.

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