We all know that mental health is really important. However, it can be hard to know how to help your child with their mental health, this is because they might not be able to communicate what their mental health struggles feel like. For example, they might have a tummy ache or feel sick, and this can sometimes be a sign of mental health issues and anxiety.

That is why we have found the best ways to help your child with their mental health! 

Don't miss out on this essential podcast on mental health because it can literally change your life!

This week on the podcast, we have found the communication revolution that you need to hear about! 

We are talking about Nawmal - we know you probably haven't heard of it, but you're about to...

Find out all about how Nawmal was created and how it adapted to the Autism market!

This is the communication revolution that you need to hear about... SO DON'T MISS OUT!

New Year New Me! But sometimes that can be harder than it sounds... This can lead to struggles in mental health. So this year Chewigem is going to help with the new year's mental health revolution!

The 2nd Season of the Sensory Matters podcast is focusing on mental health and this first episode will give you lots of tips on how to maintain your mental health through January and the dreaded "Blue Monday".

Listen to find out our tips on how to make New Year Resolutions work for you and how to avoid all the mistakes people usually make surrounding them!

With little over a week until Christmas day, we know that many people find it hard, that's why we've created the ultimate Christmas survival tips!

While many people enjoy Christmas, they can often find themselves getting into trouble or being stressed. Some people, like Joel, don't enjoy it at all and pretend it doesn't exist. Find out how Joel deals with the season's parties and expectations when he can't stand Christmas!

Also find out all about how to manage Dress Codes, food, expectations and most importantly money!

Christmas is a difficult time for most people. In particular, those people on the spectrum or with SPD challenges. The lights all change and the sounds and smells are different, worst of all... there is no warning, it just happens. That's why the chew crew have created some fantastic tips for surviving the festive season this year!

Get your fantastic tips for surviving the festive season now

Chris Bonnello is a novelist, writer & ex-teacher. If you listen to this podcast you have probably read or heard of his fantastic book Underdogs. You might also know him from his fantastic Facebook page: Autistic Not Weird!

It’s a story about neurodiverse superhero’s who are the only people left to save Britain. Find the synopsis below:

One million cloned soldiers. A nation imprisoned. A group of neurodiverse rebels fighting back.

Britain as we know it lies destroyed. In the aftermath of the most daring military coup in history, the surviving population is crammed inside giant Citadels, watched over by an army of cloned soldiers. The hope of a nation lies in a tiny number of freedom fighters hidden in the abandoned countryside – most of whom are teenagers who escaped the attack on their special school.

Seen by many as no more than misfits and ‘problem children’, this band of fighters could never have imagined the responsibility that now rests on their shoulders. But perhaps this war needs a different kind of hero. After a lifetime of being defined by their weaknesses, the teenagers must learn how to play to their strengths and become the best they can be in a world that has never been on their side.

Find out how to be a neurodiverse superhero and how Chris got into writing and becoming the author he is today

This week on the sensory matters show we discuss the question "Does Tv do a good job at autism representation?"

Atypical is Joel & Lorraine's favourite show! A Netflix show about an autistic teenager navigating a neurotypical world. We started chatting exclusively about the show but the podcast became more about representation as a whole.

Join us as we discuss a whole range of television shows about Autism and discuss which shows we love and which we hate. As we try to answer the question "Does TV do a good job at autism representation".

Come join us as we discuss everything sensory now

HAPPY SPD MONTH! This week on the podcast, Lorraine and Jenny are breaking down the 8 senses.

This is part of our SPD knowledge pack which will give you lots of tips and tricks on dealing with SPD in your everyday life. In this podcast, we go through each sense and tell you what it feels like being hyper and hypo sensitive to each. As well as what you can do to make living with SPD easier!

Come join us breaking down the 8 senses now

Meet Jamie Young, well most of you probably already know them as Lorraine's awesome child. It's been a while since we've heard from them, so it's time for a catch-up!

Since our last podcast, Jamie has come out as non-binary and has changed school. Their new academy has something different about it, listen to the podcast to find out.

Check out this Episode of the sensory matters to find out what it's like just being Jamie in a world of their own!

This week on the podcast Jenny talks to Aspiecomic - Michael McCreary who gives us an Autistic's Guide To Being Funny!

Michael McCreary is a successful Canadian comedian, author and runs a fantastic Facebook page - Aspiecomic. In this podcast, Michael tells us all about his life and how he learned to be funny, as well as giving you tips on how you can be funny too!

Michael is a great example of an Autistic person following his dreams and passions and turning them into a reality!

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